Catering Menu

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  • Kosher Meat catering available
  • Orders must be placed 48 hours before event via email:


**Light Appetizers**


*Hummus Platter

Garnished with Olive Oil, Parsley, Cumin and Paprika

serves 12/ $15



Fire Roasted Eggplant Mixed with Tahini

serves 12/ $17


*Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed with Rice and Herbs. Garnished with Roasted Tomatoes and Onions

serves 15/ $22



Recommended 3-4 pieces per person

50 pieces/$22, 100 pieces/$40


*Raw Vegetable Platter

Carrots, Cucumbers, Peppers, Tomatoes

serves 12/ $20


*Roasted Vegetable Platter

Eggplant, Zucchini, Peppers, Fennel

serves 12 / $25


*Pita Bread 

Cut in 1/4 or 1/2

15 pieces/ $20, 25 pieces/$32


**Heavy Appetizers (Serves 12)**


*Mini Falafel Pockets

Salad, Hummus, Tahini



*Mini Sabich Pockets

Eggplant, Egg, Pickles, Lettuce, Hummus, Tahini



*Roasted Vegetables and Hummus Wrap



*Savory Puff Pastries

(minimum 2 orders)

Potato 16 pcs $25

Roasted Squash 16 pcs $25

Spinach and Mushroom 16 pcs $28


*Herb Stuffed Mushrooms 

(minimum 2 orders)



**Salads (serves 20)**


*Chopped Israeli Salad

Finely Chopped Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red onion and Red Cabbage. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice



*Mixed greens Salad 

Shaved Beets, Carrots, Cucumbers and Red Onions. Herb Vinaigrette on side




Bulgar with Fresh Herbs, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Tomatoes and Chickpeas. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice



*Cous Cous and Beet Salad

Fresh Herbs, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Almonds. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice



*Cold Asian Noodle Salad 

Carrots, Cabbage, Peppers, Green Onion, Cilantro. Soy Ginger Vinaigrette



*Quinoa Salad

with Roasted Seasonal Vegetables



**Main Dishes (serves 20)**



Roasted Eggplants, Tomatoes, and Potatoes



*Moroccan Vegetables with Cous Cous



*Penne Arrabiata

Lightly Spicy Tomato Sauce with Peppers and Fresh Herbs



*Stuffed Peppers 

Stuffed with Rice and Fresh Herbs. Cooked in Tomato Sauce



*Stuffed eggplants

Stuffed with Rice, Parsley, Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Olives



*Stir Fried Vegetables in Ginger Soy Sauce 

Served on Rice



*5 Bean Chili 

with Tortilla Chips



**Side Dishes (serves 20)**


*White/ Brown Rice




Middle Eastern Rice and Lentils






*Herb Roasted Potatoes



*Sautéed Green Beans

with Garlic and Lemon